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   Web Page Design
     Most Recommended Resources
       for Website Creation


   Web Page Design and Style
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    HTML     Graphics      Images      Web Site Business

    Effective web site design is not just about learning how to code in html or
    xml. It is also about understanding the technical requirements of viewers,
    as well as their online reading habits, and navigational needs. Color and
    layout also influence the attractiveness and readability of content.

    This page lists our most recommended web sites and articles pertaining to
    the  web site style, layout and design. Follow the links above to access our
    recommended links regarding html, graphics software, images, and business
    concerns such as choosing a web host and maintaining a web site.

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Web Page Design
Resource Centers
Webreference Web Developer* Web Design Guide 
Web Page Resource  

Cnet's Webbuilding   

Web Designer's Paradise  
Microsoft Web Workshop 
Project Cool Web Design Developer
Creating Web Pages Links 
(for teachers and students)
Webmasters Only 
Anchor for Web Developers 
Yahoo Web Design Links

Web Design Guides
Online Tutorials for Web Design 
Web Design and Layout Tutorial  
SmartWebby Web Design Tutorial  
Spin Doctor's Web Design 101  

Creating Killer Websites*   
Dmitri's Design Lab  
Web Design for Designers*  
Web Pages that Suck  

Web Design Style Guidelines

Yale WWW Web Design Style Manual* 
WWW3 Web Design Style Guide 
Sevloid Web Design Guide version2   

More Web Design Resources
Web Design Critiques 
Web Design Awards 
Web Design and Review  
Business Web Page Design  

Best Web Design Articles
What Makes a Great Web Site 
Characteristics of a Great Web Site  
Sucky to Savvy  Web Sites 
Art and the Zen of Web Sites  
Design Fundamentals 
Good Web Design  


Basic Web Page Design Courses,
and Consulting with Tracy Marks, M.A., Windweaver Training.

Web site creation. Courses also in
Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

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