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      Your Top Search Resources

As chosen and reviewed by Tracy Marks, these are the top ten search engines,
directories and libraries on the Internet, and 25  honorable mentions. Choices
were made on the basis of (in order of priority), ease of use, and design.

With SEARCH ENGINES, you enter search terms and codes, and retrieve
a list of related documents or sites. With MULTI-SEARCH engines, which
search many search engines simultaneously, you also enter search terms, but
usually can not use search operators which help specify your search. With
DIRECTORIES, you choose subject  categories and subcategories related
to your interest, and follow links to appropriate documents or sites.

Online LIBRARIES are directories of directories, or of online databases and
files. Usually, library collections are carefully chosen and evaluated by librarians
who are concerned about the validity and quality of resources.

Directories are your best choice for general browsing. However, if you have
a specific goal, you may want to clarify your search terms and use search
engines. If you are seeking documents, then directories and libraries which
contain collections related to your specific interest may be most useful to you.

Listings of more search engines, directories, metasearch guides (search sites
like ours, specializing in search resources), libraries etc. are available on our
Search Links Pages.  Meanwhile, links to hundreds of our favorite additional
searching resources in numerous categories (newspapers, people search,
online books, software, web design, mailing list discussion groups, companies
etc.) can be found on our Search Pages.

The Top Ten (and Twenty five) Search Resources

All these top search engine, directory, and library urls, and all honorable mentions - TO BE UPDATED IN 2006
as well as links to top metasearch pages are now all together on our new Search Links page!

Google               Google's   search engine and advanced form
All the Web (advanced)                   the best of the multisearch engines
HONORABLE  MENTIONS (7)       other recommended search engines

Looksmart                            the best selective directory
Yahoo Directory    The Web's largest directory - fully comprehensive but not highly selective
Netguide Best of the Web    directory of  highly-rated, reviewed sites 
HONORABLE MENTIONS (7)       other recommended directories

WorldWide Web Virtual Library
      large and comprehensive Web library
HONORABLE MENTIONS (6)            other top recommended libraries

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NOTE: Search engines keep changing their interface. Our 
descriptions here were last updated January 2, 2003 and will be
updated again in fall 2006.

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