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The Best Search Engines, Directories,
Libraries and MetaSearch Sites

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This page, a selective collection of 75 of the top Net search tools, was created by
Tracy Marks for her Internet Search Skills classes in Boston. For more, go to
searchpages or index.  Top search engine, library, and directory reviews are at
searchtools;  tips on how to search the Internet are at searchguide and searchhelper.


Search Engines: The Best
(There are hundreds of search engines; we aim for quality  listings!)

        For more options, use the Google advanced search page
        See our page on how to use Google

*All the Web Fast Search   
Alta Vista advanced
AOL NetFind
Gigablast advanced search
Msn Search
Windows Live (from MSN) (Ask Jeeves) (shows traffic)

Multi-Search Engines

*Search Multi-Search
*Metacrawler Multisearch

Inference Find
Mamma, Mother of All Search Engines
WebSearch MetaSearch
CNETs Multi-Search Page
Webreference Search Engine page


Directories   *most recommended
*Yahoo (directory)
     Yahoo Search Options
      See our page on how to use Yahoo!
*Looksmart Select
*Google Directory
*The Open Directory
Galaxy Professional Directory
Lycos A2Z Internet directory
Starting Point
Search Beat
The Info Service
Brint: A Business Researchers Interest Subject Site Guides
Directory Guide (for web site submissions)

Specialized Search Engines

Internet Sleuth: 200 Databases
Search Net Happenings
Search Tools and Directories

Specialty Search Engines

Muscat EuroFerret European Site Search
Inquiry Com Information Technology search
DevSearch Web Development Search Engine
Better Whois Domain Search

Educational Ask Eric Educational Search
PedagoNet Educational Search
Study Web Research Site
Library of Congress Search
NetSearcher for Internet Professionals

Government and Legal
Vital Records (U.S.)
FindLaw Legal Search
InfoMine Government info
Free Edgar Government Search

Health and Medical
Nat. Library of Medicine  Medline
Medical Matrix Medline Search

(Interpersonal Categories below are
represented on our Searchpages)

 Switchboard People Search
Google Newsgroups
Yahoo Mailing Lists


Top Site Listings *recommended
These are highly selective directories of best sites, and award-winning sites.

Looksmart Directory
Zensearch Select Directory
Web Scout Best Links
Digital Librarian Best of the Web

TOP 100 or 1000 Web Site Lists
The Web 100
Alexa's Top 1000

Windweaver's favorite Computer/Internet sites:
Ziff-Davis'  ZDNET          CNET  http:/

Computer Training in Boston
For computer training, including Internet search and research skills
classes, web site design training, Adobe Photoshop classes, and
basic computer instruction in the Boston area, contact Tracy Marks.

Tracy is not only a competent computer trainer, she is also a licensed
counselor, and very patient and responsive to beginners' needs. She
is available for continuing education classes, custom trainings, private
tutoring, and consulting to individuals, organizatons and businesses.
See her computer services and Boston pages for more information.

Windweaver's Internet Search Bookstore: recommended Net
books and directories. Secure ordering via


If for the search results you seek, two or more words must appear together on a web page, enclose them in quotes. (i.e. "Tom Cruise" "computer training" "conference calls").

In most search engines, word order matters. After you choose your search words, type the most important words first.

Consider synonyms for your keywords, and link them together with OR in capital letters if a search engine allows you to do so. For example, search for "online universities" OR "online degree programs".

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