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Web Design: Graphics
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New Adobe Photoshop Tips, Articles, Resources

Silhouetting in Adobe Photoshop: Softening and Blurring Edges
For Effectively Combining Layers and Images
Creating Type from Images:
Using the Type Mask Tool

Photoshop Elements Workflow Step by Step
Photoshop Elements Resource Page
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with Tracy Marks, M.A.
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How to Silhouette and Combine Images in Photoshop
copyright 2006 by Tracy Marks

Have you ever made a selection in Adobe Photoshop, and copied it into another photo with a different color background, then noted that it looked cut and pasted or hard-edged - that its edges did not blend smoothly into the new background?

Antialiasing and feathering are of no use if you intend to move your selection to a background of a different color or texture, because such techniques for softening a selection also result in a fringe around the edges.

Your best bet in Adobe Photoshop is to create a border along the edge of your image, which includes a thin area on the edge of your selection and a thin area of the adjoining background and to blur those areas together. Here's how....... Silhouetting article continued

Turn your Photos Into Type: Use Type Mask
To Create Image Type in Adobe Photoshop
copyright 2007 by Tracy Marks

Do you want to learn how to transform one of your photos into sophisticated type, so that the primary features of the image are revealed in the type? The most effective way to do so is using the type mask tool, which has been in photoshop for over a decade, although few users take advantage of its capabilities. Here is my favorite type mask technique for creating picture or image type.....
Type Mask article continued

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