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Windows Tips

Increase your Microsoft Windows enjoyment, skill and productivity with our Windows tips! Although originally created for Windows 95, most of these tips are also relevant to Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Most have been updated, and new tips are being added in fall 2006.

Windows Tips

In addition to dozens of tips in Windweaver's online Windows manual!  

Open Explorer rather than My Computer when you click
on a shortcut drive icon, program or file icon.

Open any new document or image from your desktop (and
learn how to associate documents with programs).

Replace Notepad with Notespad and open ten or more
documents simultaneously.

Replace your STARTUP and SHUTDOWN screen images.

Create multiple desktops so that different users
can have their own unique Windows setup.

Change the default icons used by different programs.

Edit the registry, so that you can see the actual image
of each icon (.ico) on your computer when you view its file.

Create an emergency bootup rescue disk, and add additional
essential files for bootup and entry into Windows.

Crash 101: What to do when your mouse and screen freeze....
(Saving files, closing programs, restarting, shutting down)

Change the program association for a particular file extension
such as .jpg so that double clicking on the file icon will
open it in a program of your choice .

Learn how to use Telnet to reach remote computers.

Keep your desktop in perfect order - Manage desktop icon
(as well as folder and window) layout with Ezdesk.

Change your virtual memory to your emptiest drive (if you
have more than one!) for added speed and performance.

Install IDA (Instant Drive Access) to easily monitor
your hard drive free space.

Have essential programs or files open and minimized
 when Windows starts.

Change your cursors to larger sizes for better visibility
and usability (or for your own enjoyment).  

Learn an easy way to copy or move files .....

Find and install new screensavers.

Troubleshoot your bootup process.  (new!)

Open Explorer rather than My Computer!


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