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Web Design: HTML, XML
and Web Development Tools

 Books    Tools  Guides    Resource Sites     HTML   Validation

 NOTE: Tracy Marks (your computer, Internet and Photoshop trainer at Windweaver) teaches html and web design courses near Boston and recommends these resources to her students. Her favorites are marked with a *. She is NOT being financially compensated for her recommendations; they are based on her 12 years of experience with web design and html.

High End HTML Editors
and Web Site Builders

These high-end html editors and web site builders for professional website creation cost $200-$500 and take time to learn, but can do all you need to develop and maintain your website.
Front Page  
Adobe Go Live
Macromedia Homesite

Free and Low Cost
HTML Editing Software

HTML editors which will code html for you and also allow you to code it yourself. All of these get excellent reviews at Tucows, (the best source of  software downloads and reviews) and are among their most popular free or low-cost html editors. You can download the software and use it free for at least 14 days.

(this one I used for awhile, but it too often messed up code)
Alleycode (really a text editor, but my tool of choice)
Hot Dog 
Coffee Cup  

HTML Editor Reviews
Tucows (HTML Editors and
Web Authoring Tools)
Web Tools Review

Text Editors
Simple text-only editors and enhanced notepads for direct coding of html for your web pages.
(our Windows tip on Notepad)

HTML Resource Sites
HTML Writers Guild Resources  

HTML Goodies  

Beginning HTML 
The HTML Pit Stop  
Dr. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site   
Creating A Web Site Tutorials
Personal Web Page Tutorials
Dynamic HTML  at  
HTML/XML Tutorials   at

WWW Consortium HTML Specifications  
HTML Headquarters    
HTML Specifications  
Elsop's HTML Reference links 
HTML Tutorial Links 

HTML Guides and Tutorials
Excellent free online guides for learning html basics

WebMonkey's HTML Teaching Tool*    
(a highly regarded tutorial)
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial 
HTML Tutorials in Web Page Design 
So You Want to Make a Web Page
(html tutorials on site and for download)*
HTML: Maricopa's Tutorial*  
Web Design/HTML Course  
HTML Tags Live Examples  
HTML: The Complete Guide 

Dr. Clue's  HTML Guide   
BareBones Guide to HTML  
(a classic online text)
HTML Testbed    (interactive)
HTML Crash Course for Educators* 

CNET'S HTML Tag Reference

 Composing Good HTML   
Tizag XML Tutorial
W3Schools XML Tutorial

MacMillan HTML Online Books 

The  full text of several exceptional current HTML  reference books  can  be accessed,  at Macmillan's  Safari Personal Computer Library

Specialized HTML Resources
(advanced code pages not included here)
Cascading Style Sheets
DaveSite CSS StyleSheet Tutorial

Pagetutor Tables and Forms Tutorials*  
HTML Special Characters 
JavaScript at 

Validation Tools  for Windows
(free or low-cost)
Net Mechanic Html Verification and Linkcheck
Dr. HTML Web Page Testing* 
Webxact Web Page Tester
Xenu Downloadable Link Checker
HTML/Link Check Software and Sites

Web Page Design Courses
with Tracy Marks, M.A.
Basic Web Design, HTML,
Adobe Photoshop and Elements
Training, Tutoring, Consulting

See also Windweaver's Web Graphics Software and Image Search pages

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