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Windows Manual
copyright 1996, 2005 by Tracy Marks
Windweaver Training, Arlington, Massachusetts
Boston area Windows Training, Tutoring and Consulting

PLEASE NOTE: This Windows manual has not been updated since
2000 but most of it - especially the file management sections - are still
very relevant to Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP users.

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LESSON ONE: Orientation and Navigation
1A.  Using Your Mouse
1B.  Your Desktop 
1C.  Using Windows
1D.  The Start Menu
1E.   Configuring your Mouse 
1F.   The Taskbar
1G.  Opening and Cycling Between Programs
1H.  Documents on your Desktop
1I.    Using Help

LESSON TWO: My Computer and Explorer
2A.  About My Computer and Explorer
2B.  My Computer: Orientation
2C.  My Computer: The View Menu
2D.  My Computer: Navigating and Opening Files
2E.   Creating Files and Folders
2F.   Selecting Files
2G.  Explorer: Orientation
2H.  Explorer: Copying Files
2I.    Explorer: Moving Files
2J.   Deleting Files


LESSON THREE: Managing Files 
Recycling, Finding, Searching, Sending, Viewing
3A.  The Recycling Bin
3B.  Finding Files: Basic Searches
3C.  Finding Files: Advanced Searches
3D.  The New Menu
3E.  The Send To Menu 
3F.   Using Quikview
3G.  Windows File Formats


LESSON FOUR: Shortcuts
Customizing Your Desktop and Taskbar
4A.  Creating Shortcuts on your Desktop
4B.  Shortcut Hints
4C.  Changing Icons
4D.  Creating Shortcut Keys
4E.   Adding and Deleting from the Top of the Taskbar
4F.   Taskbar Programs: Adding and Removing Programs

The following lessons are currently NOT posted online, but are included
in the electronic and print versions of the Windows training manual:

LESSON FIVE: Appearance, Display and Sound
5A. Wallpaper
5B. Screensavers
5C. Appearance: Color Scheme
5D. Display Settings
5E. System Sounds
5F. Multiple Desktops and Passwords


LESSON SIX: Printing and Maintenance Overview 
6A. Printing
6B. Installing Programs 
6C. System Settings and Device Manager
6D. System Tools

APPENDIX 1: Installing Windows

APPENDIX 2: Windows Accessories

Windows Tips


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