How to Choose a Broadband
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An Essential, Readable Guide and Checklist
For Choosing Cable or DSL Service

Copyright 2006 by Tracy Marks

Have you been struggling with a dialup connection on your home computer and are tired of slow web browsing, frequent disconnections, and not being able to receive calls on your residential phone when on the Net?

With high speed Internet, you do not need to tie up your phone, your Internet connection is always available, and Web pages will load at least 20 times as fast as they did with your dialup connection.

It may be time for you to explore the high speed internet connections available to you and research the broadband suppliers in your area. Consult The List or the many sites such as, DSL Broker or BuyTelco which will indicate the providers available to you.  

Some of the most popular and favorably reviewed companies include: Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Roadrunner, Earthlink, Cox, RCN, AOL, Qwest, Bellsouth, Sprint, and Adelphia/Time-Warner. NetZero is often regarded as the best "free" high speed internet service provider. Customer satisfaction with each company of course however varies in different localities.

Ask people you know who use dsl services or cable modem services they use and how happy they are with their broadband internet services. Find out what kind of connection they have, and at what speed. How much do they pay? How reliable is the connection? How responsive is the technical support staff when and if problems arise?


Your primary choices for high speed Internet access are likely to be dsl, cable or satellite. If you live in a remote area, you may not be able to get either cable or dsl services, and may instead have to choose satellite access. This article however will address the cable and dsl services available to people in or near urban areas.

If you have a choice of several broadband suppliers, you will want to check out the website of competing companies, and contact them if you have questions about services, equipment requirements and pricing. If you have an old computer, you want to make sure that it is capable of handling high speed internet access.

When assessing and comparing broadband prices, be sure to consider any additional costs you might have to pay for installation and equipment, in addition to your monthly service. Be prepared also to pay additional charges (mostly taxes) beyond the amounts quoted to you. The cheapest broadband suppliers are not necessarily the ones whose prices initially appear to be the lowest.

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