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    Tracy Marks: Boston area
    Computer and Internet Training

Current Windows, Internet and Adobe Photoshop courses and workshops offered
in the Boston area, in Lexington, Cambridge, Newton and Lexington. Most are
8 -15 hours, and one, two or three sessions. Classes, private trainings, consulting,
and tutoring can be scheduled with individuals, businesses, and organizations.
For more information, see Course Descriptions or email Tracy Marks

Beginning Windows XP
Customizing Windows
Beginning Adobe Photoshop
Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
(Photoshop CS3 coming soon!)
Photoshop for Web Design
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Basic Web Graphics Without Photoshop
Assorted Photoshop Seminars
Beginning QuarkXpress
Beginning PowerPoint
Intermediate PowerPoint

Many of the courses mentioned above 
can also be taught on the Mac.


Introduction to the Internet 
Internet Search and Research Skills
Internet Research for Business 
Intensive Internet (16-20 hours) 
Mastering Internet Explorer
Fundamentals of Email Communication
How to Sell on Ebay
Email and Mailing List Communication
Art History on the Internet
Introduction to Web Design 
Intermediate Web Design
HTML: Tables and Forms
Photoshop for Web Design

Tracy Marks, M.A. teaches in four continuing education schools
in Cambridge, Lexington and Newton, Massachusetts - Cambridge Center
for Adult Education, Newton Community Education, Lexington Community
Education and Lexington Minuteman Community Education. Many class
descriptions are posted on her courses  page.

She also maintains a private training, consulting and tutoring
business through Windweaver  in Arlington, Massachusetts. Fees are
negotiable, but in 2006 average $70/hour for individual consulting
or tutoring, and $100/hour for organizational and corporate training.

As a licensed counselor as well as a software instructor (with a master's
degree in education and 30 year adult education experience), Tracy Marks
understands the beginner's mind and is responsive to the issues experienced
by new software and Internet users. She excels in helping beginners learn
new programs and skills gain confidence and competence, as well as helping
them customize their setup so that it meets their needs.

As a conscientious and thorough designer of instructional materials and
personalized courses, Tracy also excels in helping intermediate and
advanced users further develop their abilities and apply their learning to
specific projects and aims.

Her specialties include: Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements,
Basic Windows Skills, Basic Internet Skills (for individuals, schools,
organizations, businesses), Web Design, and Ebay Selling.

She has also authored seven books, selling over 150,000 copies
(translated into eleven languages). Finally, she is a certified Ebay trainer
and also an award-winning professional photographer, specializing
in figure skating photography.


For further training information, contact Tracy Marks at 781-641-3371,
or contact her by email here . More background information
at  available on her courses page, counseling page and personal page.

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