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All poems were created collaboratively from a haiku seed at Boston.com's year 2000 haiku site from May - November 2000.  Here, someone wrote the first 5 syllable line of a haiku and participants completed it with a 7 syllable and a 5 syllable line. In many of the poems below, Tracy did not write the first line, but wrote the second and third lines.

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Can you tell me why
the wind brushes me purple
when it cries with spring?
A butterfly's wings
soft and fragile, like my heart,
Also born to fly
Pebbles on the beach
Painful stepping with my feet.
What price - the summer?
In fury I sought
to outrun the wind, but I
Scattered, like pollen
When the willows weep
When the palm trees sway and dance
I will remember
I look to the stars
Thumbtacks in a black felt hat...
Who holds up the sky?
touched by spirit wind
caressed by tree song, embraced
by warm sunlit days
touched by spirit wind
tempered by the silent sound
approaching winter
Finally, autumn
Leaves turning gold and crimson,
Maples in my soul.
Empty trees, bare bones
My soul mourns the falling leaves
The bleeding colors
Empty trees, bare bones
Dancing skeletons caper
Hear the howling wind.
He leapt on dried leaves
crisp and brittle under foot,
crumbling at his touch
Empty trees, bare bones
My soul will enter winter.
Trusting in the spring
Trees stand stark, naked
Unafraid of winter's cold,
Trusting in the spring.
bent before the wind
a shrub, too young to have known
so many winters.
bent before the wind
stunted by the winter squawls
far too many storms
green she is, and wild,
like kudzu, spraying her seed,
a tangle of limbs.
calling to the sea
soothe me with your wash of waves
sing me ocean songs.

Earth and Sky

earth pulls at my feet
"ground me, ground me," Gaia speaks.
let go of the sky
Beam me up, Scotty
Earth, third planet from the sun
Was never my home
memories of earth
from my standpoint in the sky
somewhere, solid ground
Unwilling mystic
You stand upside down, your feet
Planted on the sky
Unwilling mystic
If only gravity could
Send you earthward bound.
Unwilling mystic
Seeking to embrace the earth,
Beckoned by the skies.

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