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Harry Potter

Harry Potter says
Don't despair, for muggle-borns
Can enter Hogwarts
Harry Potter says
If you believe in magic
You can make magic
Harry Potter says
Do you believe in magic?
First, believe in you
Believe in magic!
Believe in yourself! You can
Awaken new life.
Going to Hogwarts?
At track nine and three quarters
You can catch the train
Going to Hogwarts?
Can't find the right track? You must
Trust, walk through the wall.
The Hogwarts Express
Passes by your house each day.
Believe in magic.
Harry talks to snakes!
He must be a parselmouth.
Ask him about Eve.
When you play quidditch
Move fast, try to catch the snitch.
Use all your senses.
When I caught the snitch
We won the quidditch game, but
I was still muggle.

you are a muggle
unable to understand
the wizardry arts

you are a muggle
you have no magic in you
but you seek the spark

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