Haiku Poetry by Tracy



A damp dusky mist
You were winter, I the spring,
Melting into rain
Get off of my cloud!
Your body heat mistifies
Me. Now I am rain
why do you tempt me
I am too tender, only
a tiny blossom
Arrividerci -
You think this is goodbye? No!
Just a letting go.
i dance with fire
You dance with the rolling sea.
You extinguish me
Hiding your feelings
You distance yourself from me.
Is this what you want?
My magic wand broke
Now I lack the magic touch.
Will you recharge me?
When I first met you
I knew in my heart that we
Were kindred spirits.
Stabbing rays of light
I am seared by your brightness,
Hide in the shadows.
turning on my light
i find myself in shadow,
you, in radiance.
I await the dawn
You await the dusk. Why then,
Are we together?
I was deleted
By your memory. How could
You have forgotten?
Two blue toothbrushes
one wet from use, the other
moist with memory

Relationship: Communication

Say the magic words
If you don't know what they are,
Listen to silence
Say the magic words
"I love you" will not heal wounds.
Just say you're sorry
In keeping with truth
I hereby confess to you
My tender feelings.
In keeping with truth
I hereby confess to you.
Listen! Hear my soul
When I said I do
I said I do, I did not
Say I don't, did you?

Sadness, Loneliness, Pain

My heart is screaming
My mind is celebrating.
This divided self
The power is out.
I push, my body resists.
I can go no further
Blue one, are you down?
Struggling to cope with your life?
These clouds, they will pass.
United in pain
This midlife sadness, our dreams
May not all be lived.
morning or mourning
the day that dawns brings new grief.
first light, then shadow.
grains of silver rice
lozenges of slivered ice
how cold, this china life
When the willows weep
when the roses prickle you
with thorns, i cry too
Must break the silence
This empty space inside is
Louder than a scream

Longing, Desire, Touch, Ecstasy, Fulfillment

Am I ever starved
And am I ever thirsty
And am I ever....
Bring me to springtime
Take me away from winter.
Warm me, open me
Caress me softly
Melt me with your liquid touch.
I, too, surrender
Stability Lost
Quaking at your touch, I am
Liquid, am lava.
Stabbing rays of light
Your laser touch penetrates.
Free me from this joy!
images can lie
so can words. tell me with touch
the truth of your soul.
Hold me in your arms
Stroke me with your lilac words
Kiss me with your poems
clouds rub against me
my skin, tickled by the mist
remembers your touch.

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