Haiku Poetry by Tracy


Computers and Internet
Mama said: Foolish!
Making castles in the air.
Come, see my web sites!
Minimize that scene
And maximize that window.
Find solace online.
i have had enough
of this sterile screen, is this
a cyberdeception?
In the afterlife
When we meet in cyberspace
We will not need words
Come see my web site!
Go to double u double
u webwinds dot com
I hold my road-map
Having visited MapQuest
at Mapquest dot com.
Politics and News
Who should I vote for?
Gore/Lieberman! Committed
To health care for all.
Who should I vote for?
Gore - he cares for the people,
Committed to help.
Who should I vote for?
Choose Gore if you care for all
Not just the priv'leged
Too many people
Are voting for Bush. How can
They trust such a man?
If you vote Nader
You are helping Bush become
U.S. President
Poultry in motion
Gore says, "Watch me hypnotize
A chicken, Regis."
The Gorebush bears fruit
The plums of indecision
Apples of discord
When gored by a bush
Or gooshed by a boar, be sure!
Avoid civil war.
November gaining
This election breeds omens -
Winter discontent.
the chilly wind blows
in the camps of Bush and Gore
flimsy tents, flapping.
Beneath the waters
Trapped in the submarine Kursk
No one hears us scream

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