Haiku Poetry by Tracy


Joy, Celebration, Playfulness

God is dead, said Fred
God is alive, said High Five.
Look! My glass is full.
I learned a new word
Mellifluous! I dance it,
Swirling on the waves,
Drenched with sunlit spring
So wet, so warm, so golden
We shimmer, we sing.
speak to me of joy
speak to me of flowering
spring, oh speak to me
I look to the stars
They wink at me, and sparkle.
Look! I too can shine!
In keeping with truth
I sing you now my secrets,
My soul's splendid song.
dandelions dance
dandetigers bounce, Ha Ha!
Tigger invites you to play
I called her Haiku
China, not Japan, she said
Not Haiku! Baiku!

Personal Experience

It happened again
I followed the babbling brook
It was no river.
I await the dawn
Only when the sun rises
Do I embrace sleep.
off the beaten path
I bushwhack through the forest,
forging my own trail
off the beaten path
i wander far, lose my way.
why should I return?
Sheltered from the storm
How perfect is this shelter.
How perfect, this storm.
Sheltered from the storm
Building a protective wall,
A defensive life
time pours over me
washing me with memories
rinsing with regret
time pours over me
a cascade of memories
drown the unlived dreams
My soul has corners
Soft velvet, snug, like form-fit
Sheets, folded over.
My soul has corners
When it should be infinite.
Limits in heaven?
clouds rub against me
in soft misty diffusion.
My life - confusion
From this checkered board
I play kings and queens. My life,
No dance with royalty.
In our dreams we are
Whoever we wish to be
I wish to be me.

Observations and Commentaries

Too many people
Have lost their light, their shadows
flicker on the wall
Too many people
Clog the city's arteries.
Urban congestion.
woman stands at gate
woman hesitates, walks back
and jumps over fence.
woman stands at gate
Open it or walk away?
Hand trembles on latch.


Create your own life
You star in your own drama
You direct your script
Create your own life
A painting, a book, a song
All of them are you.
Create your own life
Dance your dance, paint your painting.
You - artist, and art.
Create your own life
Join us! Write your own haiku.
You too can renew.
Create your own life
You, the director, actor,
Audience. Applaud!
Create your own life
Sculpt your sculpture, sing your song,
Invite us along.
hold night in your hands
tenderly nurse, birth the egg
of new beginnings.

Literary Allusions

Tread lightly, Shakespeare
Even in the Renaissance
Bards did not prosper.
Tread lightly, Shakespeare
The dramas you are living,
Become comedy.
Eve said to Adam:
"Taste the fruit. You will know truth."
He ate, and blamed Eve

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