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Our first Celebration of Women:
January 9, 10 and 12, 1999

Chat Transcripts
Becoming Woman Apache Puberty transcript

Our second Celebration of Women:
March 13-14, 2000
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Our Chosen Women Pages

A Panoply of Goddesses (Greek)
by Epistate Philemon

Annie Oakley 
by Neenah Amaru

Catherine the Great
by Gaia Marius

by Lydia Servilius

Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchis
by Cornellia Cornelius

Goddesses Ninlil, Ninhursag and Inanna:
Ancient Mirrors of Feminine Wholeness
by Ishtarlight Etana

Gorgo and the Women of Sparta

Helena Blavatsky
by Kathi Hippocrates

Hildegard of Bingen
by Nimue Cormac

Hypatia of Alexandria
by Marie Siduri

Ines de Castro 
by Julia Manach

Julian of Norwich
by Lia Niall

Kateri Tekakwitha
by bodacca Morna

Linda Schele
by Aurora Inca

Makeda, Queen of Sheba
by Torrey Philemon

Nancy Ward
by Neenah Amaru

Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt
by Hakima Ramesses

by Ninian CuChulainn

Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute Leader
by Tika Yupanqui

Sigrid Storrada
by Caitlin Morna

Theodora of Byzantium
by Donalda Antonius

Women's Sportsline 
by Lisam Furtivus

And don't miss these pages previously created 
by an A.S. member, Lady Livia, Women of Rome:

More conference information

About Our Celebration:
The original idea for a Celebration of Women at Ancient Sites was first expressed several months ago by Claudilla Caecilius, who was inspired by a suggestion from Belay Fabius. At the time, Claudilla posted the poem PhenomenalWoman by Maya Angelou to celebrate Women's History month, and to awaken interest in our creating this Celebration of Women.

The women of Ancient Sites  are not only celebrating notable women of antiquity and the recent past this weekend; they are also celebrating themselves, and their relationships to each other - as learners, teachers, friends, helpers, chat participants, and creators here of our marvelous educational Ancient Sites community.


Celebration of Women Chat Schedule:

Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 9 and 10; Tuesday Jan. 12, 1999
Half-hour chats in the A.S. Machu Picchu Chat Room
(Chat room link on bottom right; open to A.S. members)
January 9, 1999
Times in E.S.T.
in Machu Picchu 
Chat Room
1-1:30pm Celebration of Women
Informal Introductions,
Meet the Presenters
1:45-2:15pm Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchis Cornellia Cornelius
3:15-3:45  Hypatia  Marie Siduri 
4-4:30  Hildegard of Bingen  Nimue Cormac
January 10
Machu Picchu 
Chat Room
1-1:30pm  Informal Get-Together Everyone 
1:45-2:15 Catherine the Great Gaia Marius
2:30-3:00  Annie Oakley Neenah Amaru
3:15-3:45 Queen of Sheba Torrey Philemon
4-4:30 Sacajawea Ninian Cuchulainn
4:45-5:30pm GRAND FINALE!
Discussion of Women of the Past, Women of Today....
How Far Have We Come?
Post-Conference Chats 
Tuesday Jan.12
1 - 1:30pm est
Kateri Tekakwitha Bodacca Morna
Tuesday Jan.12
2 - 2:30pm
Julian of Norwich Lia Niall
Thursday Jan.14 
9 - 10:30pm
Machu Picchu ChatRoom
Becoming Woman:
Apache Female Puberty Rites
Tika Yupanqui
Read the Transcripts here!
Becoming Woman: Apache Female Puberty Rites Web Pages
Becoming Woman: Apache Female Puberty Transcripts

Want to learn even more about Women in Antiquity? 
Here are some great sites of links for starters...

Ancient/Classical History at Mining Company: Women

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

National Women's History Project: Links

And the book: Uppity Women of Ancient Times!





















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