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About Kimmie Meissner

In 2006, at the age of 16, U.S. figure skater Kimmie Meissner won the silver medal at U.S. Nationals, and the gold medal at the World Figure Skating Championships. Representing the U.S. as an alternate to Michelle Kwan, she placed sixth at the 2006 Winter Olympics. She has recently joined the Champions on Ice show for their 2006-7 figure skating tour.

Skating since the age of 6, Kimmie won a number of medals in junior competition, including the 2003 U.S. Novice gold, and the 2004 juniors world silver medal. She is also only the second U.S. woman to land a triple axel in competition.

Kimmie Meissner was born on October 4, 1989 in Towson, Maryland and represents the University of Delaware Figure Skating club. Her coach is Pamela Gregory, and her choreographers are Nikoi Morozov and Lori Nichols. Recent programs include Snowstorm, Galicia, Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances, Respighi's Queen of Sheba, and Eva Cassidy's Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

About Emily Hughes

Sister to Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes, Emily Hughes is quickly developing a reputation as a leading competitive figure skater, and has already represented the U.S. at the Olympics, in 2006, placing 7th.

After winning the bronze medal at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 2005, Emily quickly entered the senior ranks, placing third at U.S. Nationals in 2006 and beginning the 2006-7 figure skating championships with a third place at the Cup of China.

Skating since age 3, and with the same coach, Bonni Retzkin, ever since early childhood, Emily trains on Long Island. Her most recent figure skating programs include Gershwin's Concerto in F Major, and Glazunov's The Seasons.

Additional notable achievements include co-authoring her own biography, I Am a Skater, and public appearances in support of a variety of charities.

About Amber Corwin

Amber Corwin is a long-standing, long-skating competitor in the U.S. ladies figure skating senior ranks. Born in California December 21, 1978, she began competing on the senior level in 1995, medaling twice, winning silver at Four Continents 1999, and bronze at Four Continents 2004. In 2004, she placed fourth at the U.S. Nationals figure skating championships.

Amber, who designs most of her skating costumes, just retired from competitive figure skating in mid 2006, to work as a fashion designer.

About Elena Sokolova

Elena Sokolova, three-time Russian national figure skating champion, was born February 15, 1980 in Moscow, Russia, and has been a senior competitive figure skater since 1995. Elena medaled three times at Europeans Championships and won the silver medal at 2003 Worlds.

During the 2005-6 figure skating seasion, she won both Skate of America and the Nebelhorn Trophy. Although finishing 14th at the 2006 Winter Olympics, she placed fourth soon afterwards at the Worlds Championships. Elena also is a guest skater with Champions on Ice, and occasionally skates in other U.S. figure skating shows.

Elena Sokolova's coach is Viktor Kudriavtsev and her choreographer is Alla Kapranova. Her recent programs include Puccini's Turandot and Presgurvic's Romeo and Juliet.

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