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1  Introduction and
The Country of Sheba
7 A Greater Union
2 The Queen of Sheba 8 The Aftermath
3 Sheba Prepares for Solomon 9 Solomon and Sheba Poems
4 Who is Solomon? 10 Bibliography
5 A Meeting of  Minds 11 Queen of Sheba Links
6 A Meeting of Minds II I Kings 10 and II Chronicles 9
A Personal Note:
This article on the various renditions of the Queen of Sheba and Solmon story (from the Bible, Talmud, Ethiopian Kebra Nagast and Arab sources) was not prepared for the Celebration of Women, but written in 1989 as a chapter for a book entitled The Path of the Heroine<. However due to a computer crash, I lost the introduction, and several chapters, and abandoned the book.

This version of Makeda, Queen of Sheba appears as it was written in 1990, with no editing except for the addition of a brief introduction, and translation into html. It is nonetheless highly readable. Hopefully, the story of the Queen of Sheba will be meaningful to my readers, as it has been for me.  Tracy Marks (Torrey Philemon of Ancient Sites, an online community devoted to the classics which folded March 2001)

CREDIT: The above image was photographed and adapted from the videocassette cover of Solomon and Sheba, a tv documentary produced by A&E.
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