Most of us are in the Purple!

For the most part we have a purple nation. Some states are bluish purple and others reddish purple. What we need to do is find the common bond in the purple!

For four years we've had a President who thinks in black and white and is incapable of thinking in shades of gray. Now, the media is influencing us to think in red and blue - as if there is no purple.

Surely there is a purple ground of common values we share with other people in purple states. Maybe the approach to unifying the red and blue polarities in this country needs to begin with the thought that we're all in the purple.

I have taken the 2004 Presidential election popular vote by state according to percentages for Bush and Kerry, and am mathematically mapping each state with colors which are a precise percentage of red and blue, using values of red and blue in Photoshop. Please note that it is copyright 2004 by Tracy Marks and may not be reproduced without permission.

The map is still in process, but almost complete. It just needs a bit of cleaning up and a 1% change in several dozen states to reflect a 1% vote Nader, Cobb or Badnarik. These changes will be made by mid December.
Tracy Marks

U.S. Map

US Election 2004
copyright 2004 by Tracy Marks

US Election

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