Poetry by Tracy Marks

Poems Inspired by Greek Mythology
Even Odysseus Yearns
Helen's Lament
The Daphne Haikus
Going Home


Poems of Love, Longing and Friendship
To Donna
Song of My Heart
(The Turning Point)
Flavor of Morning
On Leaving Twin Oaks
Only Our Wineglasses

The Skid
Uranus, the Liberator
Measure of Time
I Was Waiting

Nature Poems
Stars in a Spring Night Sky
Poems of Austria
Winter Solstice
Vermont 1992

Other Poems of Feeling
Because I Feel Again
Walking the Tightrope
Finale to a Symphony
Desert, Where is Your Water?
Reclaiming the Harvest

Poetic Prose:
Writings Inspired by Genesis

Noah: Shem's Wife Speaks
Revelation: Mount Sinai
Eve and the Serpent
After Eden

A Passing of Clouds
Poetic, Philosophical and Psychological
Inspirational Passages from 1976 and 1987

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More Writings
(inspired by Greek mythology,

written as Torrey Philemon at Ancient Sites)
See http://www.windweaver.com/as/index.htm

More Haiku Poems by Tracy Marks

All poems were created collaboratively from a haiku seed at Boston.com's haiku site from May - November 2000. Here, someone writes the first 5 syllable line of a haiku and participants complete it with a 7 syllable and a 5 syllable line. In most of the poems below, Tracy did not write the first line, but wrote the second and third lines.

NatureEarth and SkyRelationship
CommunicationDesire and Fulfillment
Pain, Sadness
Joy,Celebration, PlayfulnessPersonal Experience
Observations and CommentariesLiterary Allusions
Computers and Internet
Political and NewsHarry Potter
Haiku Poetry

A personal note:
From age 9 to age 21, my life was consumed with writing poetry. I wrote thousands of poems, published many, won several awards and was motivated always by the need to express my feelings by making music with words. However, in college at Tufts, my poetic wellspring dried up. I turned my attention to spirituality and the study of religion and began a long quest of finding spiritually what I was no longer able to find in my own emotional life and creative inspiration.

In the 30+ years since then, I have had occasional reawakenings to poetry, although my focus shifted to religion, then astrology, then dreamwork, then transpersonal psychology, then nature photography, photoshop, then Greek mythology,

Now, finally, in 2004, I begin to reawaken my poetic self again, and experience the spirituality of the soul rather than the mind. My vision is to combine my own poetic psychological/spiritual writings with photography and continue to create and post each new expression of my continually awakening soul and heart. My hope is that I will inspire each of you reading my poems to connect with your own Muse, and to sing more loudly and clearly and freely, your own song.

Tracy Marks, December 30, 2004

Several years later: I have decided not to post any poetry written after 2004 since Web posting is considered "previously published" and ineligible for print publication in most literary magazines. But I will keep the poems above posted here - hopefully, for your enjoyment.

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