Sasha Cohen Figure Skating Photos
Marshalls Skating Competition 2006

Boston, Massachusetts, December 2006
copyright 2006 by Tracy Marks

Rehearsals     West Side Story     God Bless America
First, Sasha talks and skates with Kurt Browning

Sasha Cohen figure skating

Sasha Cohen figure skating

Sasha Cohen figure skating

Sasha Cohen figure skating

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About Sasha Cohen
Olympics 2006 Figure Skating Silver Medalist
Part nine: Sasha Cohen Off-Ice Activites

Sasha Cohen has been in the public eye the past few years not only for her championship figure skating, but also because she is appearing in fashion magazines, in commercials (Got Milk, Simply Saline, Eco-Drive), and on television. She has appeared on t.v. talk shows such as Jay Leno, dramas including Las Vegas and CSI New York (which ended with her skating to "Calling All Angels"), and the reality show, Project Runway (in which she judged the not-very-practical skating costumes made for her by contestant designers).

In 2006, Sasha discovered Hollywood, and became enchanted with acting. Earlier in the year, she played a "mean and snobby girl who liked to ride horses" in Don Johnson's Moondance Alexander. "I liked being mean," she said of her role. "It's so out of character, but it was so much fun." In summer 2006, she filmed a cameo part in Ben Stiller's Blades of Glory, starring Will Ferrell, and due for release on March 30, 2007.

During fall 2006, Sasha has been taking acting classes 12 hours a week. Most likely, her attraction to acting is a significant factor influencing her decision not to compete in the Grand Prix or U.S. Nationals.

Sasha is a young woman of many talents. Drawn to fashion design (and considering it as a future career), she designs many of her own skating costumes. She has also been actively and publicly promoting her favorite charities, Covenant House, Soldiers' Angels, Connecticut Children's Medical Centre, the Woman's Sports Foundation, and above all, Girls Inc., (which helps underprivileged girls develop self-esteem).

Sasha Cohen's motto is "Reach for the moon. Even you if you miss, you land in the stars."
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