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Sasha Cohen
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About Sasha Cohen
Olympics Silver Medalist Figure Skating Champion

Figure skater Sasha Cohen was born Alexandra Pauline Cohen on October 26, 1984 in Westwood, California. Her parents are Galina and Roger Cohen, and she has a sister Natasha, a dog and two cats. An Olympic silver medalist in figure skating in 2006, Sasha was also the gold medalist at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 2006, and placed third at the World Championships. She lives in Orange County, California and is coached by John Nicks. Her 2006 Olympics programs were Dark Eyes, and Romeo and Juliet.

According to the a Harris Poll conducted in 2006, Sasha Cohen is one of the top 10 female athletes in the U.S. But her notoriety is not limited to ice skating -- she will be appearing in 2007 in the independent film "Moondance Alexander", as well as a future episode of CSI: NY, and a number of advertisements and commercials. Known also for her elegance and costume design, Sasha is also sought after for modeling and fashion design.

The past few years, Sasha Cohen has been competing at the U.S. Nationals figure skating competitions and Worlds Championships, and skating with the Champions on Ice figure skating show tour every spring and summer along with Michelle Kwan and other Olympic medalists in figure skating. If you want to sit close to the ice and watch Sasha demonstrate her elegance on ice right in front of you, you may want to get your Champions on Ice tickets as soon as they go on sale. She is not to be missed!

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