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Left: Christina 1670, by L. Lamberto, Mora, Sweden
Right: Engraving by C. deVischer, 1650, Royal Library, Stockholm.

Queen Christina of Sweden
Christina's life and Beck Painting
Queen Christina (Catholic Encyclopedia)
Kristina Wasa: Life History Timeline
Christina: The Early Years
Christina's Adulthood
Queen Christina
Swedish History: Queen Christina 
Encarta Brief Biography
Philosopher Christina: Brief Bio (Trinity)
Philosopher Christina: Brief Bio (Venture)

Queen Christina on Finnish stamp
Portrait B&W
Christina Portrait
Finnish picture
Finnish Site: Beck's portrait
Beck Portrait large Finnish National Gallery

Swedish History 
17th Century Sweden Historical Background
Swedish Royalties
History of Sweden
Swedish Dynasty
Current: Swedish Royalty

Movies and Plays
Christina by Strindberg review 
Queen Christina starring Greta Garbo
(see movie pages by Torrey Philemon)

(Bibliography for these web pages)

Masson, Georgina, Queen Christina, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1968.
Stolpe, Sven, Christina of Sweden, MacMillan, 1966.
(The above biographies - both recommended - are out of print but are available via Abe Books at
Meltzer, Milton, Ten Queens: Portraits of Women in Power, Dutton Books, 1998 (Comment: A lovely book, highly readable, beautiful illustrations. Written for young adults but suitable for everyone).

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