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NOTE: This is the revised index page to my articles and activities
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New articles and links on other subjects have been added since.

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Featured web pages
* Complete articles by Tracy Marks
(Torrey Philemon at Ancient Sites Athens Community)

Greek Mythology Articles by Tracy Marks
Discover the Greek gods and goddesses!
NEW This Titanic Age
*Hephaestus: Wounded Artist
*Calypso's Isle: A Jungian Approach to Odysseus

*The House of Atreus: Breaking Free of Family Curse

and Conditioning
Reflections on Achilles
*Elemental: The Four Elements - From Ancient Greece

Philosophy and Science to Ancient Sites Poetry
For the Love of Medusa
Rediscovering the Muses
Princess Diana as Artemis
Winter: Demeter/Persephone
The Ancient Olympics

My Greek Mythology Course Web Pages
Myth Links
Myth Bibliography
Greek Mythology in the Movies

Ancient History/Greece Resources
Learning Greek Links
     Iliad Glossary
Ancient Greece Maps     Older Gods
Trojan War Chat Transcripts
Song of Troy Chats
Iliad chats

The Odyssey
Odyssey and Trojan War Resource Links
*The Odyssey: Calypso's Isle
Odysseus in Hades
Odyssey Characters
Odyssey Journal
Even Odysseus Yearns Poem
The Odyssey Online Chats

Ovid's Metamorphoses
Ovid's Metamorphoses     Philomela
Daphne Haikus    Daphne Links
Phaethon   Medusa    Themis

Lysistrata chat    Acharnians translations
The Birds translations   Birds Chat
The Assembly Women translations

Cleopatra, Antony, Augustus, Tiberius
Cleopatra and Memoirs of Cleopatra Links
Cleopatra Chat Transcripts
Augustus Chat Transcripts

Tiberius Chat Transcripts
Roman History Chats Index

Helen's Lament Poem    Helen of Troy Links
*Queen of Sheba and King Solomon
Queen Christina of Sweden

Other Articles by Tracy Marks

Viktor Frankl     The Meaning of Life
The Lord of the Rings, Mythology, Jungian Psychology and the 2004 Election
Have You Given Up on Politics?"

Art and Music Links

Art History on the Internet - Best sites!
Artemisia: Art and Biography
Titian in Mythology
Botticelli Online   Raphael Online
Maxfield Parrish's "Muses"

The Bacchante in Art    Female Avatars   Male Avatars

Greek Music: Listen!    Greek Midis: Links

More of My Classical and Biblical Resources
Virgil: Aeneid Pages
Online EBooks: Classics Books on the Web
Eve and Adam online

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And some on Native culture:
Native American Art Web Sites
Native American Sites on the Web
Prehistoric and Native Americans in Fiction

And from our 1999 Online Celebration of Women in History Conferences:

Celebration of Women Pages
Celebration of Women Chat Transcripts

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