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Artistry on Ice: Figure Skating Skills and Style
by Nancy Kerrigan
and Mary Spencer

paperback, 224 pages

Human Kinetics
December 2002

Nancy Kerrigan shares her knowledge of skating. For serious intermediate-to-advanced level skaters who wish to learn about jumps, moves, spins, body alignment, footwork, music, costumes, choreography etc. Includes land and water exercises to developing strength and skill in fgure skating. Addresses ice dancing, pairs and synchronized skating as well as singles skating. With instructions, and practical advice, illustrated in full color.

"Insightful guide for figure skaters....clear and concise....

This book helped to clarify specific techniques which had previously been elusive to me."

 Basic Guide to Figure Skating (Official U.S. Olympic Sports)
by U.S. Olympic Committee

paperback, 160 pages
Griffin Publishing
November 2001


none available

none available

The Complete Book of Figure Skating
by Carole Shulman

paperback, 225 pages
Human Kinetics
December 2001

Heavily illustrated with detailed illustrations

For figure skaters of any age, Shulman discusses the best techniques for more than 100 skills - freestyle moves, spins, footwork, jumps, stroking skills, and covers singles, pairs skating and ice dance, and provides step by step detailed instruction, fully illustrated. She also gives advice on skates, fitness training, warmups, costumes, music, program development, understanding scoring.

"The only book of its kind available and a valuable asset to any skater’s library....  A thumbs-up to this great book..... One of the best books about figure skating available. An excellent guide for figure skaters who want to improve their skills and a good coaching reference. “

Culture on Ice: Figure Skating & Cultural Meaning
by Ellyn Kestnbaum

paperback, 368 pages
Wesleyan University

May 2003

An examination of the history and sociology of figure skating, as well as an introduction to the technique and judging. Discusses the 1994 and 1998 Olympics, and the way in which race, social class and gender as well as the media influence the sport.  Both theoretical and practical.

"The first skating book where I actually learned something in every chapter and started to think about skating in ways that hadn't occurred to me.....The research is meticulous, and the chapter notes are full of exciting hidden gems of amazing detail"

Figure Skating Now: Olympic and World Stars (Figure Skating Now)
by Steve Milton and Gerard Chataigneau (second edition)


paperback, 128 pages

Firefly Books,

September 2003

second edition
young adult and adult


Illustrated biographies of the Olympics and World Champion skaters in ladies, men, pairs and ice dance, including up-and-coming competitors in 2003.US and Europe. Each individual's date of birth, hometown, training site, coach, and choreographer are also supplied.  Beautifully photographed . 

“Extremely nice photography, glossy pages, and well-edited if not very informative, profiles of the top skaters in the world…..Posed shots rather than action shots....If you want a book describing the comprehensive history of figure skating, this isn't the one to get, but it doesn't claim to be that. In fact, it succeeds extremely well at what it claims to be…..The text is rather sparse, emphasizing breadth (74 total skaters) over depth….An excellent introduction to skating for those new to the sport, as far as the "eligible" world of figure skating goes.” 

figure skating artistry figure skating figure skating culture figure skating history figure skating now

Figure Skating: A History
by James Hines

paperback, 472 pages
University of Illinois Press,
February 2006
large 7x10 paperback
originally $34.95

A serious, scholarly, up-to-date history of figure skating tracing the history of sport (the development of skates, positions, moves, etc.) from its earliest days in the Middle Ages and including its rise in popularity in 19th century America. The book is well documented, with footnotes and photos. Includes the innovators of the sport and the changes in the scoring system. Covers figure skating in Europe, the Americas and. Detailed tables of winner up to 2005.

“A brilliant book -- and sorely needed one for afficionados of the sport. At last -- a serious, scholarly, up-to-date history of figure skating .... Some sections the author goes into a lot of detail about skaters and events. Other sections read rather like a biblical genealogy, That said, it's a wonderful history of the sport - back to caveman days! That said, it's a wonderful history of the sport - back to caveman days!

The Inner Champion, A Mental Toughness Training Manual, second edition

By Choeleen Loundaqin

paperback, 224 pages
Inner Champ Books
November 2004

Second edition


A book aimed at helping skaters prepare psychologically for training and competition has been written by Choeleen Loundagin, a former competitive figure skater with a Master Degree in Sport Psychology. Includes fill in the blank worksheets to help skaters track their goals and progress.

"Clearly written, easy to understand…I have always gotten very nervous during competitions and tests, which often kept me from performing my best. But by using the techniques and excersises provided by this book, I am able to skate so much better …. Now that I have learned how to use my mind as a tool, I can enjoy myself so much more…. A confidence builder for anyone. The methods in the book have helped… not only in the sport but in every aspect of her personal life and social skills.”

Inside the Olympics: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Politics, the Scandals, and the Glory of the Games
by Richard W. Pound

hardcover, 304 pages

Wiley Publishing

June 2004

first edition

An inside view on the inner workings of the Olympic games. A modern history of the Olympics, including issues pertaining to the media, corporate sponsorships, political issues including terrorism, and the scandals bribery, doping, cheating, backstabbing and exploitation. (not specifically about figure skating, but covers some figure skating scandals)

“A lucid and penetrating look at the five-ringed world, filled with Dick Pound's customary insight, frankness and wit....At times damning, at others prescriptive, sometimes amusing, but always honest and insightful”

Inside the Olympics

paperback, 304 pages

Wiley Publishing
April 2006

second edition

See above description. Second edition includes the 2006 Olympics.


Michelle Kwan, Figure Skater
by Todd Peterson



hardcover, 124 pages

Ferguson Publishing
November 2005


None available.

Note: Numerous other biographies of Michelle Kwan have been published for the 8-12 year readership; most are only about 50 pages. Many were published in the 1990s.

None available

Michelle Kwan, Asian Americans of Achievement

by Rachel Koestler-Grack

hardcover, 128 pages

Chelsea House
February 2007


None available

None available

inner skating champion inside olympics skating on edge figure skating passion sasha cohen

On Edge: Backroom Dealing, Cocktail Scheming, Triple Axels, and How Top Skaters Get Screwed
Jon Jackson, James Perreira

hardcover, 288 pages
Thunder’s Mouth Press

January 2006



Booklist description: " This revealing memoir delivers a scathing indictment of the sport of figure skating. Jackson, a former competitive skater and Olympic judge, lays bare the sport's double-dealing and corruption while simultaneously telling the genuinely inspiring story of a young man who tried to make his way through this cutthroat world without losing his way." Focuses on the 2002 Olympics and Jackson's battle with the ISU as he created.”

“Jackson's book should be required reading for anyone involved with figure skating… especially the federations, who must take a hard look at their own ethics and make some changes…. Yes, the first half is a memoir about his childhood and teen/college years. Yes, he is a gay man and he openly discusses that in the book. ....Unfortunately what he says is true. I am a USFSA Gold Medalist (Figures and Freestyle) and a USFSA judge (though I don't like to admit it).”

Only With Passion: Figure Skating's Most Winning Champion on Competition and Life 
by Katarina Witt (Author)

hardcover, paperback
January 2007
Public Affairs Press

192 pages
$23.50 hb

Katarina Witt gives advice to young skaters, while writing about her skating training, competitions, life in the German Democratic Republic, dating life, business decisions (including Playboy), struggles and successes, giving advice to young skaters.

“Despite Swift's help, the writing is stilted and stiff…. Katarina is unapologetic in her desire for success.... Athletes, and figure skaters specifically, will most appreciate the lessons Witt shares.”

Sarah Hughes Biography, Skating to the Stars
by Alina Adams

December 2001
out of print but available used

None available

None available

Sasha Cohen: Fire on Ice: Autobiography of a Champion Figure Skater
by Sasha Cohen and
Kathy Goedeken

hardcover, 192 pages

Harper Collins

March 2005
grades 5-8 but also might appeal to adults
black and white and color photographs

Sasha Cohen openly shares his life as a figure skater - practice, travel, competitions, injury, recovery, disappointments, successes, costume issues, financial costs, family struggles, relocations etc. and gives us a glimpse of her off-the-ice personality, likes and dislikes.

“A frank autobiography.... What a fun and well-written autobiography! I couldn't put it down.... A detailed story of Sasha's life.... however at times, lacking any real depth or insight. Will hold the interest of those who are fans of Sasha Cohen, as well as those with an avid interest in figure skating.”

Sasha Cohen: Fire on Ice
(revised paperback)

paperback, 224 pages

Harper Collins

March 2006

Updated edition includes 2006 Nationals and the Winter Olympics

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