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The Kebra Negast: The Book of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith
The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek
A Modern Translation of the Kebra Nagast: (Glory of Kings)
The Kebra Negast: Book of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith
Gerald Hausman - On the Kebra Nagast

Solomon & Sheba: Inner Marriage and Individuation
Lassner, Demonizing the Queen of Sheba
Demonizing the Queen of Sheba (

Moon Goddess at B&N (Sol and Sheba)
Moon Goddess:

General Solomon and Sheba Links

Kingdom Come
King Solomon
King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

Permanent Queen of Sheba display to be unveiled
Solomon and Sheba

The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon
The Song and the Wisdom: Gnostic interpretation

Images Online

Duncan Grant: The Queen of Sheba
Pierra Della Francesco: Queen of Sheba (many)

        At Tate   Brazil At Sunserv
Bauer, The Queen Of Sheba Etching
Small Queen of Sheba Image

Queen of Sheba Bedspread
Famous Queens Printed Silks    Images
SmoothAsSilk Solomon and Sheba scarf

SmoothAsSilk Solomon & Sheba scarf closeup
(above two scarves by Maitre Artiste Afewerk Tekle)

Kebra Nagast and Ethiopia

About Kebra Nagast

Moses King of Ethiopia
Ethiopian Jews: history
Ethiopian Bookshelf
Kingdom Come
Ethiopia, The Lost Ark of the Covenant Introduction

Ethiopia, The Lost Ark of the Covenant: One
Ethiopia Women in Power
Stories of Sheba Haile Sellassie Web

The Enigmatic Fate of the Ark
GERALD HAUSMAN - Mythological Storyteller
ANOTHER FICTION PAGE at Haile Sellassie Web

Library of Ethiopian Texts - Kebra Nagast - Glory of the Kings


QURANIC STORIES -The Story of Solomon
Queen of Sheba and Yemen
Women's Role in Islam and Queen Belkis

Movies and Music

Movie: Solomon and Sheba 1959 (Brynner)

1959 Movie Video
Movie: Solomon and Sheba 1995 (Smits, Berry)
1995 Movie Video
Movie compared to Queen of Sheba story
Showtime  "Solomon and Sheba": Biblical love story

CDDB: CD Solomon and Sheba
Various Artists / Arrival of the Queen of Sheba


Reinterpreting the role of women in the Bible (8/10/98)
Matthew's Makarisms and Reproaches
The Song and the Wisdom: Gnostic interpretations and images

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