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Web Site Business and Promotion

Web Page Hosting
Choosing a Web Host (article)
How to Choose a Web Host for your Business Pages  (article)
Free Web Page Provider Review
Budget Web Low-Cost Home Pages and Providers

Top Hosts   The Ultimate Web Host List
Viaweb Yahoo Cyberstores*
Geocities Residential Community* (recommended, the #2 most popular and
           largest site on the Net, noncommercial)

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on Windweaver's Internet Service Provider category search page
on Tracy Marks' Webwinds' Internet class notes on providers

Web Site Business Magazines and Newsletters
WebMaster Magazine: Mastering the Web in  Business  
Web Digest for Marketers
Web Marketing Today

Web Site Tools
Bravenet Free Web Counters and Guestbooks

Free Code
CGI Resources: Remotely Hosted  Programs for Web sites
CGI Resources: Remotely Hosted Guestbooks
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Free Web Site Submission Pages,  Search Engine Submission Articles,
Web Site Business Promotion Articles, Web Site Promotion Resources,
Web Marketing and Business Resource Sites
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