As for myself,

  I  love to surf the Net...and to experience my students' delight as they
  explore new and exotic sites and continually discover people and places.  

     But I also love to SAIL the Net, and to help students
     become active finders as well as seekers, to become
     participants  as well as observers, and contributors
     as well as  reactors and appreciators...                      

 My upcoming Sailing the Net Search Skills course, like all my courses,
 feeds the mind, but can also help redefine and reawaken the self.    continue

Windjammer painting
Learning to SAIL(search)  is an inner
exploration of self-discovery as well as
an outer journey. It is an opportunity to
unfurl your own sails....
And as you find what you seek outside
yourself, you may also find what you
need within yourself.... your resources
and capabilities....confidence and
competence...and the exhilaration of
mastering the seemingly unmasterable,
sailing the seemingly untamable waves....

Do you want to sail
as well as surf? Come sail the cybersea
with Windweaver....  

SEARCHING THE NET:  Online Search Skills Course

Complete information on the online search skills course taught by
Tracy Marks is posted at

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