Sailing is....
   clipper ship
 cooperating with the wind, traveling  with the wind
 ....not always surrendering or battling against it.

 When we sail to a destination, we have an aim,
 a landfall, but because of the direction of the
 wind, we tack our way forward, and comeabout
 when necessary. We are aware of each gust;
 we are both guided and guiding....

  Sometimes we keep on course. Sometimes in our
  meanderings we are changed, and gain in-sites, and new directions...

   In this complex and chaotic world.....

  Few influences exist to help us continually redefine who we are, what
  we value, what we want, what we seek, and what we can contribute.   
        And the myriad temptations of the Web itself do not
        support us in becoming focused, directed or productive.     

        And much of the time,  we don't even want to.  Even
        being aimless on the Net, we unexpectedly encounter
        fascinating PEOPLE and PLACES.....       continue