Poetry by Tracy Marks

from Stars in a Spring Night Sky
(a collection of a dozen star poems)
copyright 1966 by Tracy Marks

In the Beginning
God formed the night sky
from navy blue felt
and pinned it up with silver stars
and a golden thumbtack moon.
I know. God told me.
Yet when I told the scientist,
he laughed.


The eternal night sky is pierced
by a thousand pins of stars
and an unpredictable thumbtack moon,
Yet night after night it survives,
ensconced in everlasting glory.
Perhaps the pain has taught it
to endure.

A Thousand Stars
Though scores of stars lightly spangle
the navy blue expanse of sky,
tonight there is no moon.
How selfish I am,
queen of a thousand stars,
crying because the moon isn't mine.

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