Poetry by Tracy Marks

I Was Waiting

copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks

I was waiting for you.
Waiting for you to want me, to invite me
    into your citadel, waiting    
for you to look at me with drenched eyes, wash me
        in your liquid fires.

I was waiting for you to feel what I feel, to know what I know,
As I battled with the ghouls of long-lost voices that say
no and yes but and never and I'm afraid and yes you should be
    afraid because love is so very very very dangerous and

    one should never

Risk again.

But while I was waiting I heard music that my own hands
     were playing and notes that my own voice was singing
And I felt the fire within me and the water within me
And when I surfaced from the water I breathed deeply and the air    
     was fresh,
And when I sat out in the sun and the golden light
caressed my face I knew who I was and why and that
I mattered, and I did not need    
     you to come to me.

And now you come.

But my offer has expired, the merchandise is too dear to sell
        for so low a price, and I
Am no longer waiting.

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