Poetry by Tracy Marks

Song of My Heart
(The Turning Point)
copyright 1985, 2004 by Tracy Marks

Always, I looked outside myself to find my heart.
I melted with each taste of tenderness.

Always, I sought for that rough magic,
the soft wild fires of souls that touch,
the rippling crescendos of hearts and bodies
yearning to transcend themselves.

Always, I swam in liquid currents,
undulating waves of passion,
seeking you, man-muse,
dreamer of the same dream,
to awaken me.

And you came. And you left,
unable to bear the tenderness.
And I lay there, drenched
in the aftertaste of that magic,
raw and bleeding from the stars,
like novas exploding in my soul.

And my heart that was split in two
remained open
long after you had gone,
and continued to sing its melodies.

And I knew then that I was the pain
and I was the passion,
that the fury of the maelstrom
was the power
of my own loving,
that the tenderness
pouring from me like water
was my own tenderness
and that the light
shining through the waves
and rippling and swirling around me
was my light, not yours.

I wept then, and I weep still,
but always now
I look within and find
my heart.

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