Poetry by Tracy Marks

from Poems of Austria
(Kitzbuhel, Austria, summer 1965)
copyright 1965 by Tracy Marks

The night is too dark
to distinguish my words,
but never too dark to absorb
all that is too deep for words.

How little we are, how weak,
how blind, how foolish
to wish on stars when mountainslopes
and greenery lie at our feet.

God has created too much our eyes
to discover,
yet our pens will always seek
to express.

Song without Music
The world is not ours,
nor will it ever be.
Around me is a song without music,
a poem without words.

Silver clouds float in a paling sky
as mountain slopes show their varied greens,
forever reaching, forever stretching,
forever sculpturing
an earth of magnificence yet grace.

God is here in Austria.
Everywhere I look I see His face.

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