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Effective Action Against Spammers
copyright 1997 by Tracy Marks     posted on Nettrain, April 1997



A sample email response received from one of many highly
cooperative Pacific Bell  Internet Services,

Thank you for alerting us to a violation of Pacific Bell Internet's ACCEPTABLE
USE POLICY. The message you forwarded to me not only violates Pacific Bell
Internet's ban on unsolicited commercial email and illegal pyramid schemes,
it also contains forged headers.

At Pacific Bell Internet, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards forged email
headers: all customers who forge an email header will have their accounts
terminated immediately. Consequently, the sender of the message to which you
objected is now a *former* Pacific Bell Internet customer. :)

On behalf of Pacific Bell Internet, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by
our [former] customer. ... I shall do everything possible to minimize the junk
coming from Pacific Bell Internet.....


The free Windows software,Spam-Hater at
can effectively automate the process of reporting spam.

Personally, I don't think that quietly deleting spam or wasting one's
time sending REMOVE requests (which usually bounce) either helps
us personally to reduce the amount of spam we receive, or has any
effect upon stopping spamming on the Net. In fact some people
claim that sending in a REMOVE request is validating your email
address, which makes it more likely to be sold to other bulk email
address companies. But if most of us on this list were to spend
5 minutes a day reporting a spammer, and to tell our students how
to do so, I sincerely believe that in time we'd start to see a reduction
of spam.

And believe me, it is indeed personally satisfying to keep receiving
messages from ISPs thanking them for your report, and letting you
know that they've terminated the spammer's account. A few
spammers may turn up at another address...but only soon to get
bounced there as well. Eventually, some may get the message.

And we may get the message too: We CAN constructively
influence our experience of the Net AND.....


Tracy Marks

This article may freely distributed as long as it retains the original title and
header, with, preliminary information and copyright notice, as well as this
paragraph, and reference to its posting location at Windweaver Web

Fight spam

Feel free to save the above .gif to your computer and post it on your site. Be sure
to link it to (and also link to this article!)

Learn how to decode fake email addresses, get anti-spam software,
filter your email, report offenders, boycott offenders. To become part
of the growing community dedicated to stopping spam on the Net,
and sign petitions,  learn about current anti-spam legislation, write
your Congressmen etc, check out * sites.

*Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Fight Spam on the Internet
The Consumers Information Organization
Elsop's No-Spam Resource Page

Australia Anti-Spam Guide
The Spam Patrol
NetAbuse FAQ
Stop Spam FAQ
Alt.spam FAQ

Spam Hater Software
Spamicide Software
How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam and Telemarketers

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