Evan Lysacek Figure Skating Photos
Marshalls Skating Competition 2006

Boston, Massachusetts, December 2006
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Rehearsal and Competition photos

Evan Lysacek figure skating

Evan Lysacek figure skating

Evan Lysacek figure skating

Evan Lysacek figure skating

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Evan Lysacek at Marshalls 2006

At the Marshalls Figure Skating challenge in Boston, Massachusetts in December 2006, Evan Lysacek skated beautifully to the lyrical program, Ave Maria. He was the overwhelming choice of the judges - Peggy Fleming, Dick Button and Peter Carruthers.

However, results in this "popular competition" depended more upon the fan vote than the judges vote, and Evan did not receive any votes to advance to the second round and skate a second program. This competition was between East Coast and West Coast figure skaters, and the fans chose Sasha Cohen and pairs champions Inoue and Baldwin as the West Coast winners. The final choice of the fans was Sasha Cohen, followed by Johnnie Weir.

I attended the rehearsal, the day before the competition, and watched Evan warm up and practice both his programs. He was on the ice skating longer than any other skater, and the only skater who appeared to be performing most if not all of his jumps during his rehearsal time. This wasn't a serious competition, but Evan was clearly committed to skating well, and indeed he did, as the judges fully noted.

Evan will be competing at Nationals in 2007 and hopefully also Worlds, and will be skating with the Champions on Ice figure skating tour from April - June.
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