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You will, of course, want to compare broadband prices between different companies, but before making your comparison, you need to clarify the options and costs available with each company. One plan that appear cheaper than another may not be when all factors are considered.

Here are some questions to ask about broadband pricing:

1. What is the installation charge, and is there a special deal or discount being offered now or in the near future for installation?

2. Is a special pricing available for the first six months, and if so, what price will you be paying once your initial time period ends? Many companies, such as Comcast, have frequent special promotions for High Speed Internet service.

3. Are there different plans available for different speeds of internet access? Broadband suppliers are likely to initially quote you their standard plan, but they may also have a budget plan as well as a premiere plan. (I pay $10/month less for a budget plan with RCN, and get over 1MBPs speed, which is almost twenty times as fast as a 56kb modem provides. The standard plan provides over 2MBPs, but such speed isn't essential for everyone.)

4. Are there high speed internet providers in your area who also offer local telephone and cable television service, and provide a discount package deal if you sign up for two or more services? If so, is this special pricing time-limited or guaranteed for an extended period of time?

5. Do they require you to pay any equipment charges, such as for the modem, their ethernet card or a router (which you may need if you want high speed access on more than one computer). If you do not have cable television, and choose a high speed cable provider, you are likely to pay a higher installation and monthly charge, unless you choose to purchase cable internet access and cable television from the same company.

6. Will you pay extra for high speed access to several computers?

7. Can you save money by choosing self-installation for your modem rather than paying the charge for company installation?


Whatever choice you make, you are likely to be delighted by the ease of your Web experiences once you are operating at higher speed. Remember, however, that your computer is now open to the Internet around the clock. Make sure your you have adequate virus protection which automatically checks for daily updates. You might also seriously consider installing a firewall, rather than relying upon the firewall and security measures provided by your broadband supplier.

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