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Recommended Books on Internet Searching  (D-H)
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Educating With the Internet: Using Net Resources at School and Home
Nancy Skomars / Paperback and CdRom / 386 pp. / September 1997
Charles River Media / ON SALE
This highly recommended educational guide for teachers, parents and students not only includes lessons and lesson plans for many grade levels, it also contains a directory of useful web sites indexed by both grade level and subject. The CDRom includes additional links to site and lesson plans.

Readers at rave about it: "A must for any beginner, intermediate and even for the experts;" "Searching for a topic was never so easy;" "The best book to come to stores in the 20th century! "The best book I have ever seen in my entire life!"
See also The Educator's Guide to the Internet       Internet Directory for Teachers

The Educator's Guide to the Internet: A Handbook With Resources
and Activities / Catherine Anderson and Christine Freeman / Paperback / 1997
Addison-Wesley / ON SALE
In addition to explaining how to use Listserv discussion groups and educational web sites in the classroom, this book helps teachers locate educational resources online, via Web sites, gopher, FTP, and Telnet. A selective list of Internet Math, Science, and Technology resources is included.
See also Educating with the Internet       Internet Directory for Teachers

Educator's Guide to the Web
Rob, Keeler and Miller / Paperback/ IDG / 409 pp./ 1997 / On Sale
Online web site created to supplement the book:
See also Education index.

The Essential Internet: Guide for Psychotherapists and Other
Mental Health Professionals
Anthony L. Labruzza, M.D. / Paperback / 224pp. / Jason Aronson / August 1997
No further information available.
See also The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online
             Health Resources Online: A Guide for Mental Health & Addiction Specialists

Finding It on the Internet: Internet Navigator's Guide to
Search Tools and Techniques
Paul Gilster / Paperback / 1996 / John Wiley & Sons / ON SALE
Although dated, this book quite extensively covers the searching tools of the Internet, rather than the Web - gopher, Archie,  Veronica, WAIS, whois, Hytelnet etc. 
See also subject index for books on  Search   Search Engines    Research   

Finding Statistics Online: How to Locate the Elusive Numbers You Need
Paula Berinstein / Paperback / 250pp. / Independent Pub Group / 
winter 1997- 98/ ON SALE 
This book focuses on how to find statistics - which can very difficlt to locate on the Net -  in a wide variety of areas through using online databases, libraries, search engines and professional services. Also included are chapters on understanding, using and evaluting statistics available online.

Genealogy Online (For Dummies)
Dummies Technology Press, IDG Books Worldwide / Paperback and cd-rom /  May 1998 / On sale
A forthcoming book in the "for dummies" series.
More online genealogy books:

Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots: Web Edition
Elizabeth Powell Crowe / Computing McGraw-Hill / Paperback / 464 pages / 
September 1997 / On sale.
After providing an introduction to using the Internet, Crowe's second edition of Genealogy Online focuses on numerous Internet methods for genealogy research. Chapters include hints for using mailing lists (e.g. ROOTS-L), newsgroups, bulletin boards, forums, online services (e.g. AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy), genealogy web sites, genealogical databases, library card catalogs, the National Genealogy Society, GENSERV and GENWEB, and other researchers. Highlights include Crowe's suggestions for finding and networking with online genealogists, and several useful appendices. A very thorough book, although the use of search engines is not discussed in detail.
More online genealogy books:

Genealogy Via the Internet: Tracing Your Family Roots Quickly and
Easily : Computerized Genealogy in Plain English
Ralph Roberts / Alexander Books / Paperback / 192 pp. / December 1997 / On sale.
Highly recommended informative and humorous book on using the Internet for genealogical research. In addition to tips for research and software reviews, it includes dozens of links to the best genealogical sites and databases on the Web.
More online genealogy books:

Great American Website: An Online Discovery of a Hidden America
Edward J. Renehan / Paperback / 640 pp. / Osborne McGraw-Hill / June 1997 / ON SALE
This very popular guide to America online is more than a collection of Internet addresses; it is also brimming with educational and entertaining information as well as personal insights pertaining to a wide diversity of Americana online. Organized by subject, it includes both the scholarly and the humorous - from historical and political biographies and documents to such pop cultural topics as American movies and comic strips. Other categories include American literature, arts, religion, science, law, sports, food, geography and the great outdoors. The Great American Website was the Intenet Books Editor's Recommended Book in August 1997.
See also: The History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources
              Prentice Hall Directory of Online Social Studies Resources: 1,000 of the Most
                  Valuable Social Studies Web Sites, Electronic Mailing Lists & Newsgroups
              Social Studies Resources on the Internet: A Guide for Teachers
              Using the Internet for Social Science Research

Health & Medicine on the Internet: Annual Guide to the World Wide Web
for Health Care Professionals
James Davis (Editor), Kathryn Swanson (Editor), Maureen Lynch (Editor)
Paperback / Winter 19998 / Practice Management Information Corporation
See also other Internet Health books listed below.

(1997) Healthcare Guide to the Internet: An Annotated Listing of
Internet Resources for the Healthcare Professional

Jennifer Wayne-Doppke / April 1997 / Cor Healthcare Resources / Special Order

Healthnet: Your Essential Resource for the Most Up-To-Date Medical
Information Online
Jeanne C. Ryer / Paperback / 221pp. / February 1997 / John Wiley / ON SALE
A readable beginner/intermediate guide to locating and using health resources online. In addition to teaching the use of search tools and listserv discussion groups, it evaluates 100+ top health and medical sites in regard to validity, reliability, technical access, and cost, and provides suggestions for personal evaluation of online resources. Additional topics covered include: government health information, self-help groups, alternative medicine, medical databases, periodicals, and consumer health resources.

Health Resources Online: A Guide for Mental Health & Addiction Specialists
John Grohol (Editor) / Paperback/ Manisses Communications Group / February 1997 
See also: The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online
     Essential Internet: A Guide for Psychotherapists and Other Mental Health Professionals

The History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources
Dennis A. Trinkle (Editor), Dorothy Auchter / Paperback / September 1997 /
M.E. Sharpe Publications / ON SALE
Highly recommended guide to 1000+ top worldwide history sites on the Net. Easy-to-read, and entertaining, with guidance for beginning Net surfers and history researchers. The second part of book lists over a thousand additional history resources, including historical documents, syllabi, maps etc.
See also: Social Studies Resources on the Net: A Guide for Teachers
           Prentice Hall Directory of Online Social Studies Resources
           Using the Internet for Social Science Research
           The Great American Web Site
           Virtual Roots: Guide to Genealogy and Local History on the World Wide Web

How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet 1998
Bruce Maxwell / Paperback / 486pp. / Congressional Quarterly / Aug. 1997 / ON SALE
Comprehensive guide to Web sites, bulletin boards, mailing lists, email addresses etc. related to all branches of the federal government - including foreign affairs, defense, education, health, energy, environment, transportation etc. Extensive reviews, with vital statistics including access information, as well as an appendix listing email addresses and web sites for members of Congress.
See also: Social Studies Resources on the Net: A Guide for Teachers
     Prentice Hall Directory of Online Social Studies Resources
     Using the Internet for Social Science Research    Business and Law on the Internet

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